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My favorite Philly brunch spots

My favorite Philly brunch spots

Who blessed us with the concept of brunch? Who sat down one day, looked at their morning eggs and said, "You know what? Add alcohol and make this breakfast dish more extravagant." Whoever that visionary was, we are lucky to be alive in a time when, as early as 8 a.m., you can justify drinking an entire bottle of champagne and eating fried chicken and waffles with a side of red velvet pancakes. What a world we live in.

I have some experience with brunch (and with drinking champagne before noon, but that's another story). Although I'm always on the hunt for my next spot (please send recs my way, as always!), here are a few of my tried-and-true favorites for your brunching needs.

Honey's Sit 'n Eat

800 N 4th St

After much thought, I've decided Honey's may be my favorite brunch spot in the city. It's BYOB, it's delicious and it's actually pretty reasonable, price-wise. Plus, I'm obsessed with their latkes and the toad in a hole, complete with truffle oil. Also, did I mention it's cheap and BYOB?

Green Eggs Cafe

212 S 13th St

Can't beat a classic. BYOB (are you noticing I really like BYOB brunch places?) and filled with decadent choices like red velvet pancakes and chicken and waffles eggs benedict, this isn't the place to go if you're on a diet. But if you were craving french toast stuffed with cookie dough or a massive breakfast skillet topped with biscuits and gravy, this is your place.

Interstate Drafthouse

1235 E Palmer St

I typically take out-of-town friends to Interstate for Fishtown ice teas and their amazing pub food. My go-to is always the gator chili (I don't think I've ever ordered anything else there). Well, did you know you can get the gator chili smothered on eggs for brunch, washed down with a beermosa? You're welcome.

The Little Lion

243 Chestnut St

The Little Lion is currently closed after a massive fire destroyed their building, but they hope to reopen in a few months (as of March 2018). When they do, go show them some love. I love the buffalo chicken and biscuits and the short rib hash. Make sure you get extra IPA cheese sauce.

High Street on Market

308 Market St

You had me at "artisanal bakery." High Street makes all of their own breads, and if you're in a hurry, you can always just grab a loaf to take home. But if you have time to stop for brunch, check out their breakfast sandwiches or, on a lighter note, their ginger yogurt. 

Luna Cafe

317 Market St

This tiny Old City cafe is an adorable, not-too-touristy brunch option. And, charmingly enough, they seem to have a soft spot for smothering savory dishes in maple syrup: I once had an eggs benedict there covered in a maple hollandaise, and there's now a sandwich called "the Lumberjack" that features two pancakes and maple aioli. 

Sulimay's Restaurant

632 E Girard Ave

I grew up in Jersey, which means I live for a good diner. When I can't get to my beloved childhood diner, Meadow's, Sulimay's fills the hole in my heart. This tiny, vintage restaurant is only open until 2 p.m., and serves up classics like scrapple, creamed chipped beef and outstanding omelettes. 

Sabrina's Cafe

910 Christian St

Sabrina's huevos rancheros is one of my top three brunch dishes of all time. I've been told their other food is amazing, but I wouldn't know; I've never ordered anything but the huevos rancheros. So if you go and get something different, let me know how it is! I'll be sticking to my usual order.

Cafe La Maude

816 N 4th St

Admittedly, this French-Lebanese cafe is a little pricey, and I'm usually morally opposed to expensive brunches. But their dishes are inventive (my favorite is the Parisian Zá), and they give you what is technically defined as "a shit-ton of food." Think of this as a treat yo self kind of brunch.

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