I’ve been a blogger, reporter, ghost writer, social media writer...you name it, I’ve written it.

Communications Writing & Journalism

My current position as a digital content specialist involves basically all forms of written communication: press releases, blog posts and articles, email and print marketing campaigns, social media messaging, etc. I also produce, storyboard and script videos, and produce and edit a podcast. Below are some recent projects I’m proud of.

I also interned with the Trenton-based recycling company TerraCycle, where I did PR, publicity and social media management. I contributed research and copy to their 2015 coffee table book Make Garbage Great. 

Between 2010-2013 I worked as a reporter and editor for The College of New Jersey's award-winning weekly newspaper The Signal. I was awarded first place in feature writing from the New Jersey Collegiate Press Association for a pair of stories I wrote about a door-to-door condom salesman. (Really.) I was also able to interview some amazing people, including John Oliver (Last Week Tonight with John Oliver), Judah Friedlander (30 Rock), Duff Goldman (Ace of Cakes) and Max Brooks (World War Z). 

Academic Stuff

I have an MA in English Literature and a BA in English Literature and Communication Studies, both from The College of New Jersey. My primary academic interest is in American literature, though I've written more widely. Some favorite academic works include:

  • “Sende Me Namoore Unto Noon Hethenesse:” Repetition and Trauma in “The Man of Law’s Tale”

  • What Might Have Been in Yeats's Poetry

  • Comus as Byronic Hero

  • “He Does So Need a Mother”: The Gender Binary in Peter Pan

  • “I Would Boss the Whole Country”: Power, Language, and Postcolonialism in A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court

  • Discipline through Violence in Twain and Faulkner